Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy Ascension Thursday

I hope everyone is enjoying this great Holy Day. Enjoy Mass tonight.

Um, Rob today is not Ascension Thursday.

Sure it is. Today is 40 days after Easter Sunday.

Rob they have moved this Holy Day to Sunday.

Excuse me; Ascension Thursday is no longer on Thursday?

Right it’s on Sunday now.

Ascension Sunday, sounds funny. So some biblical scholars at the Vatican figured out that the Lord really ascended to heaven on a Sunday? Well that’s cool. It will be great to celebrate it on the correct day. But the Lord ascended 40 days after Easter Sunday. I wonder how we counted the days wrong for 2000 years…

No, Jesus ascended on a Thursday. That’s not why they moved it.

I see, they had to make room on the church calendar for another great feast of our Lord, right?

Not exactly.

So why was it moved?

They felt it was a hardship on the American people to have to get to church during the week. So they moved it to Sunday since people go to church anyway on that day…well some still do. 32% in the latest poll.

Let me get this straight. It was moved to Sunday so the 32% of the people that still go to Sunday Mass could fulfill their Holy Day of obligation on Sunday. So we are putting Jesus on ice for 3 days. And we now are celebrating Ascension Sunday because we are too lazy to spare 45-60 minutes during the week. I guess that makes sense. We wouldn’t want to interfere with soccer practice, Karate lessons or spending our IRS Tax Rebate checks at Wal-Mart. Got to keep the Chinese economy going.

Sort of but they aren’t calling it Ascension Sunday. It’s the Ascension of our Lord.

Who is this ‘they’ you keep mentioning?

The US bishops.

Oh, I see. Why didn’t you say so in the first place? That’s a horse of a different color. We could have saved a lot of time.

Happy Former Ascension Thursday everyone.


momto5minnies said...

Our Church is not making today a Holy Day, but on Sunday.

I did think it was important to try to take my girls to mass, so I took them to the downtown Cathedral for 12pm mass. WE got there 5 minutes early and sat ... and prayed ... and sat some more. Finally after 15 minutes we left. I have no idea why this Church did not have their regularly scheduled mass AND on this Holy Day. A little frustrating, especially after putting $92 worth of gas in my car.

his holiness, the grand dalai DONK said...

you are the catholic george carlin!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!

i agree with you on this topic and i aint even, well, you know...

seems pretty pathetic to make that move.... good thing Jesus didnt suffer at all in his lifetime or he would be PISSED!!!!! :)

Tina said...

You are totally right. But it's actually at the discretion of the local bishop. Here in the Diocese of Rockville Centre, N.Y., yesterday (Thursday) WAS a holy day. We enjoyed a wonderful Mass with a pretty full church. I wonder how many other dioceses celebrated the Ascension today? It'd be interesting to see the numbers...

Anonymous said...

I believe I remarked about the transfer of Ascension Thursday a few years ago? At that time I was still a member of the Presbyteral Council for the Archdiocese. Cardinal McCarrick wanted to move the holy day to put us in sync with Arlington, Baltimore and Wilmington, which had already done so. I argued, why did we have to follow after their lead? The priests voted, and as with a number of such votes about matters ranging from priests’ pensions to prohibiting Holy Communion to pro-abortion politicians, I LOST. Indeed, I was the LONE VOTE opposing the transfer. They argued that people were more likely to attend Mass on Sunday and that it was confusing to follow a practice different from neighboring dioceses, especially given that so many from Baltimore and Virginia work in DC and the metropolitan Washington area. I contended that this served as another retreat from making demands of any seriousness upon the Catholic people.

Catherine said...

Come and live in France! Here, Ascension Thursday is a day off for everybody. We, Catholics, can celebrate this Holy Day and go to attend the Ascension Mass, on THURSDAY. We went in a little church Saint-Michel very decorated in Menton to celebrate Ascension thursday as we were on vacation.
In the other hand, I'm ashamed to tell you that when you question people about what is the meaning of this Celebration, most of them can't answer. So, nowadays, in France, Ascension for most of the people is no more than a thursday without work ;(