Friday, May 9, 2008

The Donk

Since some of you have inquired as to who this Donk person is. I'll tell the story of The Donk. But just once. I don't want it going to his head.

The Donk is:

A former coworker. We worked together around 7 of the last 8 years.

My BWFF – Best White Friend Forever. To distinguish from Ray my BBFF – Best Black Friend Forever.

My taller brother from another mother.

A running buddy.

A swimming buddy.

A purple Speedo wearing fish.

A shower buddy (only at the pool people).

A triathlon buddy.

The lucky husband to a wonderful woman and lucky father to 3 beautiful kids.

Sometimes I feel like I spend more time with The Donk than my own wife...that's not a good thing. Although not as much lately. I got a new job at the first of the year and I'm sure The Donk has been crying himself to sleep ever since. I'm that cool. No really I am. Ask my kids...well the younger kids maybe.

We even go on trips together. Here is a picture from a recent one.

We run races together. We did a 10 mile race last year. Here is Donk at mile 9

Here is an old picture on The Donk from his younger party days. He didn't know I had the negative to it.

Why call him The Donk? Well years ago we determined that not only was he a Jacka$$, he was THE Jacka$$. Or The Donkey (sounds better at work) and we have shortened it to just The Donk.

Here is a current picture

Ps - Don’t tell him about this post. I don’t want him to think I like him.


THE DONK said...

i dont know what to say (as he wipes a tear from his soft, supple cheek)... not butt cheek btw... i know thats what you were thinking when i put soft, supple...

oh yeah, i know what to say...

THANKS ALOT FOR BRINGING UP MILE 9 AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will have my day in annapolis!!!!! ;)

trash that pic of me from my party days... i am a respectable man now... cant have that floatin round the net... what if i run for pres one day??? that would ruin my chances...

one last thing: THE DONK RULES!!!!!!!!!!

momto5minnies said...

That explains things.

He is much hairier than I imagined. How nice of you to take him on as a BWFF.

Catherine said...

How funny you are! Really! That's a post I would have liked to write myself! BUT I don't have a BWFF so, let's say : special.
Tell me, haven't you forgotten to tell us that your running buddy drink beer? Can he follow you with your winged-magical-shoes.
Now, what would be interesting is to read the Donk's description of you. Too bad!