Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Imelda Strikes Again!

The New Shoes are Here! The New Shoes are Here!

The wonderful FedEx Man brought me some new running shoes today. My standards, the Asics DS-Trainer 13’s. 9.6 ounces of pure bliss. Oh DS-Trainers how I love thee. Let me count the ways. I will be taking them on their maiden voyage tomorrow at lunch. Stay tuned.

Look at the curves on them. They should be in the SI swimsuit issue. Other than my bride I've never seen anything hotter and that includes The Donk.

Today's workouts:
7 mile tempo run at lunch.
2.3 mile late afternoon run the short way to the garage to pick up the van.


Sam said...

I am jealous of a stinking pair of running shoes!!!+your bride...now get the shoes off my pillow!!!

the Mom said...

You offered shoes to me in tribute...I graciously accept these babies. The Fed Ex man knows where to find me.

the Mom said...

Thanks for breaking them in for me. There are few things I hate more than a blister.

DONK said...


how do you honestly need a new pair of shoes!!!???!!!


Catherine said...

Do they fly or something like that to speak of them with so much enthusiasm! ; )

Rob said...

honey - the shoes are clean and won't dirty your pillow. but i took them off cause i love you.

the mom - i think they are too big for you.

donk - you can never ever have too many running shoes...come on dude you should know that

catherine - they come close to making you fly...