Friday, May 23, 2008

My Man-Crush Stopped By the Other Day

Otherwise know as the UPS delivery man, he brought me some goodies.

I bet you can't guess what he brought.

Go a head and try.

Do you give up?

It's new...

Pearl Izumi Streaks. 8.8 ounces of grace and beauty. That's 249 grams to you my French sister.

He also brought me some new running shorts.

He's such a swell guy. I hope he doesn't mind me hugging him when he makes deliveries to our house.

I used the Tax ‘Stimulus’ money for these purchases.

Today I helped the economies of:

China – Pearl Izumi running shoes
Malaysia – Asics shorts
Thailand – Under Armour shorts
Vietnam – the other pair of Asics shorts


donk said...

what a queen...

Catherine said...

Asian countries need you! They work night and day just for you! From young children to grandpa all at work for the satisfaction of the other part of the world! Aren't they brave?
At the employment agency , (French newspaper wrote), there was an advert : "Leave for India, 400€/month, Computing". Decent salary, no? Our employment agency gets a great sense of humor!

Catherine said...

I have to apology! I've just watched the clip with Radio Head on Rachel's blog Chasing Butterfly, and I feel ashamed. I was kidding, and in fact there's no reason for kidding about work in Asia!