Thursday, May 8, 2008

Boobs are Best...Go Figure

Breastfed babies are more intelligent than those weaned on formula milk, according to the most comprehensive study conducted on the issue.

Doctors followed nearly 14,000 children over six and a half years and found that those who were breastfed fared significantly better in IQ tests

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This would explain why I'm a moron. And why my kids are smarter than I. Thanks for nothing mom. :)


Catherine said...

I should have a new baby, and breastfeed him longer than the 3 elders. They would be the "control sample group" and I will make a comparison between both of them in a couple of years : ) Who will be the smarter?

I study myself (!!!) . . . and am arrived to this conclusion : the breastfed baby family save money. Interesting , no?

his gracefulness the donk said...

i like the way catherine thinks!!!!! save that money... thats why i liked my kids being breastfed... :)

momto5minnies said...

Yup, I knows eggsactly what u meen ;)

Rachel said...

I worried that maybe I nursed too long and it had a reverse effect!!! Just kidding! They are all smart...(in there own way)...LOL! However, I'm thinking it's a good thing my mom didn't nurse me or I would be moving stuff with my mind.

Clearly not nursing me didn't have an effect on my ego.

The whole family is off doing different stuff and I have been left alone. Mwahahaha (evil laugh). While they are away...Mommy will play!!!

Rachel said...

oops! there I go touting my intelligence and I wrote "in there own way" instead of what it was supposed to be "in THEIR own way".

God loves messing with me.