Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Black Cinderella

"Black Cinderella, Black Cinderella. I want to watch Black Cinderella"

That was Mary running through the house the other night. It was her turn to pick out a movie. (Mary isn't very politacly correct - she get's it from her mother)

I HATE this version of Cinderella. Not cause it's musical (all though that is reason enough) and not cause it's a 'girlie' movie.

No, I hate it because of the silly political correctness.

The stepmother is White (Bernadette Peters). One of the step daughters is Black and one is White. Cinderella (Brandy) is Black. Ok that’s not to terrible but now we get to the Royal Family.

The King is White, the Queen is Black (Whoopi Goldberg) and the Prince is an Asian dude. Do they think we are stupid? Are they that desperate to seem inclusive that they go to these extreme lengths?

Even my kids think it’s silly. Why not just make one with an all Black Royal Family or an all Asian Royal Family? Heck they could even do an all Donkey Royal Family and I would be ok with that.

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the donk said...

i agree... that is a little ridiculous... lets see what ray has to say about this... ;)