Saturday, June 28, 2008

I'm a Lifer!

To you, a job is what pays the bills. You put in your hours, follow the rules, and then go home. Occasionally, you consider quitting, but then you think of how bad the job market is and you reconsider. Whatever happiness you get, you get from your life outside the workplace. Relationships, family, hobbies, and outside creative pursuits are what really matter to you. You're probably taking this test at work because you don't have anything better to do.

Talent: 44%
Lifer: 62%
Mandarin: 36%

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Got this quiz from my French 'Sister', Catherine.

The above is very true about me. The only reason I work is to pay the bills. I don't care about a career and never have. If I won a big lottery the first thing I'd do, right after buying a Harley, would be to quit my job. I wouldn't even go back to the office. I'd pay someone to go clean out my office.

I would much rather spend my time at home hanging out with Sam and the kids and my runing shoes and bikes.

Don't get me wrong. I don't hate my job. I like the situatuion I have now. The job isn't painful and it pays for my running shoes. But it doesn't define me. I put in my time (usaully) and get my work done (most of the time) and that's it.


Catherine said...

No, no, no, excuse me to interfer here "If you win a big lottery (do you play, first?, I was wondering to evaluate our chances) the first thing you'd do right BEFORE buying whatever is to share with your new french cousin . . . euh! 'sister' you said!
For the rest, we're similar except I've quit my job sometimes, and you considered it. With 11 children, I would consider myself and never quit either!!!

Catherine said...

And I propose you to exchange my "Leonardo" against your colleague picture that is not very handsome and supposed to be you, then you give me your "Jennifer" against my picture.
Jennifer is more MOI! ; )

Rob said...

If I win the lottery I'll give you all the pictures

Catherine said...

Do I have to write it in French?
La moitiƩ des gains! half gains.

Rob said...


Wow having a French cousin/sister is going to be more expensive than I thought

Rachel said...

You are the exercise addicted version of my thin not exercising (made a pact with the devil obviously) husband. He has always said that if he were to win the lottery there would be a great sucking sound due to the speed at which he would leave the building. He just loves hanging out with us, and us him. It sucks not being independently wealthy!!