Sunday, June 8, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust

On Thursday I decided to try out the air conditioner for the first time this year since a heat and humidity wave were heading this way.

Friday was 90, Saturday 96 and today it's going up to 98 with a heat index of 105. It's hot enough to make a Nun swear. Man I wished I had kept those thongs from the robbery.

Clicked the central air on and nothing, zilch, nada. It was deader than Hilary's campaign.

So on Friday a friend and his business partner who do HVAC came over and confirmed that I had a better chance of being elected Miss America than this old AC unit had of coming back to life. Actually me being elected Miss America isn't that far fetched...have you seen me in a wedding dress?

A whole host of parts were busted on it. It would have cost thousands of dollars (or Euros) to get it running with no guarantee that it would run for long. So we decided to pull the plug on it and get a new unit. We are told the old one was 20-25 years old. Since they were pulling everything out we had them replace the old furnace with a new high efficiency one.

Late Friday afternoon the repair dudes rushed down to the Carrier Dealer and picked up a new AC and Furnace. Then bright and early Saturday morning they were at our house ripping out the old one. I think they felt sorry for us and all the kids. Or were afraid we'd kill each other trying to live in that hot house all weekend. How did people survive the heat before AC? I'm such a wuss. I need my AC.

By 3pm the guys had cold air blowing throughout the house!!!

Well Done Good and Faithful Servant

The Humpty Dumpty of AC Units

Size does matter

The repair guys say I now have the biggest unit in the neighborhood
I wonder how much this sucker is gonna cost to run...


Catherine said...

I'm sure you're dreaming to walk around your home with thongs (You'll be pleased to know that in France we call that "string". If you come here and bring back souvenirs, that way, you won't be embarassed in the lingerie shop)! Rob, don't forget to post the pictures near the wedding dress, you'll get visitors! : )
Well , you get an excuse because of the heat, you thought your dreams are reality. But there's no "escape from reality", even with sunstroke.
Are you living in Central America? 40°C! In june? and we hardly reach 18°C here. Please call A.Gore the climate is worst than expected.

Rob said...

yes it is all Al Gore's fault.
We are having an early season heat wave. It started Friday and will last until at least Tuesday.

I will be sure to buy a string if I ever get to Paris. I would have loved to have been there this weekend to watch the french open.

Catherine said...

Don't even think of it , I think tickets for the final are more expensive than the one to see the Pope! It would be too much expensive for only 3 sets, 4 games in all for Federer, and what, about 2 hours of (unilateral)Tennis!?