Thursday, June 12, 2008

For Men Only

Does this conversation sound familiar?

The Wife: ‘honey can we go out to dinner or a movie sometime?”

The Husband: ‘Why? One of the reasons I got married was so I didn’t have to go out on dates anymore. Dates are big pain in the rear and cost too much. Can't we just watch Ultimate Fighting on TV instead. And yes I’ll go make myself comfortable on the couch for the night’.

It took me years to realize the importance of dating your spouse. Women evidently love that type of thing. I on the other hand thought everyone liked to sit around the house at night and not talk – go figure. I think it's some type of emotional bonding thing that makes them feel closer to their husbands. Whereas all it takes men to get emotionally attached to their spouse is something that comes in one of these bags.

I’ve come to realize that dating your spouse is not optional; it’s a ‘gots to do’. This is especially true for stay at home moms whose only adult conversation comes from talking to the mailman or Amway salesman. Heck Sam rushes out of the house once a month when the guy comes to read the power meter just to get in some talking time. She was driving him so crazy they no longer read the meter and we get free electricity now.

It doesn’t have to be expensive…go for a walk, have dinner at home then go out for coffee and dessert, sit in the car by yourselves and neck like 'white-trash'…I’m sure our wives can come up with a 1000 things they would like to do other than the ONE thing we would like to do. And who knows, do something they like to do and you just might get to do something you like to do.

Try and dress up a bit too. Nothinig fancy but no looking like this dude.

Note to regular readers - this is not a picture of The Donk. The Donk wishes he was that good looking.

It also sets a good example for your children. It shows your sons how they should treat women and it shows your daughters how they should expect to be treated.

So Tuesday I was working from home and me and the Hunny went to the local Italian Grille. Nothing fancy and it only took an hour and cost 20 bucks. But it was an hour of conversation without interruption. No kids asking for a drink or snack, no kids butt's to wipe, no breaking up fights over Happy Meal toys, no yelling at the teenagers to get of the phone and do their chores. Just the two of us hanging out and talking and playing footsie under the table.

Maybe other guys already knew this and I'm just slow. Momma always did say I was special. But I put this out there as Public Service Announcement to my fellow husbands. Because sleeping on the couch is fun once in awhile but does get old after awhile.

I'm not sure why I titled this post 'For Men Only'. I think only women and The Donk read this blog.


Catherine said...

You're right from the first word to the last! Good job and congratulation! Maybe, precisely with your tittle, men will pass over there, maybe they 'll be too proud to leave a comment and thank you, maybe they'll try to follow your wisdom. I hope so.
Except for your picture, a guy like him , isn't married? Reassure me : ) Or in other countries!

Owens Family Adventures said...

I read you all the time! I think you are hilarious (did I even spell that right??!) :)
My hubby and I have been together 22 years and date regularly. Good on ya for writing about it!!

your bride said...

I see a walk in my future...yes you are a great date and I especially like when we go out on the 20th of each month- the day we got married!!!+your bride

Tina D said...

Well said. Did you know your blog gets a mention in the 6/15 National Catholic Register? Danielle Bean is also linking to it from her site today. So I think you'll be getting a lot more readers -- male and female -- in the future...

the donk hates sellouts!!! said...

you used my pic without permission!!!!! and that was me dressed up and READY TO GO!!!!!

i am glad you posted this. i have to learn to do this more often...

nice blog...

oh, and i hate the fact that there will be more readers out here. you will become the WHFS of the blog world (after it was sold and before it became a hispanic radio station. you know. when it SOLD OUT!!!)

dont go changin just cuz more folks come out here!!!! keep it real homie!!!!

momto5minnies said...

Do you ever wonder how you attracted so many moms to your blog?

My husband and I started the regular date thing about 2 years ago. It took us that long to get a good babysitter or for our oldest to be of age. I think we still talk about our children while on our date, but no one interrupts so that is a huge PLUS!

Rachel said...

I have to chime in on this because I am the one wife (I guess) who isn't interested in being dated by her Hubby. Oh, heck yeah, I LOVE to be alone with him. And I want the kids gone, or asleep (like that's gonna happen) but I LOVE LOVE LOVE hangin' out at home with my Hunny. We might watch Dr. Who, Man vs. Wild, or something fun from Netflix, and even have a homemade margarita. We have a huge TV and a Blueray player now, so home (assuming the kids have been Benadryled or are hooked up to the Matrix...I mean Xbox360) is the most fun (and cheap) place to be.

However, I feel more Hunny time is about to occur since he is worried I am going to become an exercise freak, so he's decided he's coming on walks with me now. He must be worried I am having secret trysts (as if). Though often I do have 'one' thing on my mind...but then again I haven't had 11 kids...but maybe that is what my Hunny is worried will happen if I get my way.

Special Ed Haraway said...

Absolutely spot on Rob, My wife and I started Date night 30 some years ago. It's every Friday and we alternate who chooses what we do every other Friday. So sometimes I have to do something I hate (like bingo) and sometimes I choose something she doesn't like. But usually we do things we both like to do. We make very few exceptions or allow anything to cancel it. Cell phones are turned off after 6PM too, so we aren't tempted.
We are on 35th year of Marriage and while there are many other factors that have made it great, "date night" has definitely helped.