Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Today's Workouts

8 miles total running on the track at the local High School.

1st track workout since last August. Mile intervals today. With a target pace of 7:25 for this first time. I want to work that down to 5 of them at a 7:10 pace.
Todays Workout:
2 mile warm up (i think i was warm by the first lap)
4 X 1 mile with 1/4 mile jog in between. 1.25 mile cool down.
actual mile splits:
7:12 - need to work on pacing
7:29 - I knew I'd pay for that first one.

I went around 7am to try and beat some of the heat


Anonymous said...

good for you on the running.

i'll trade you, just for a day though, some of our cooler weather for your warm. :-)


Rob said...

Ok but i warn you. It's 98 right now with a heat index of 103.

Anonymous said...

That's hot. I don't know F very well, I'm a celcius girl :-), so I went to the converter (all I knew was that is was HOT) Okay, well you can keep it the weather then.
I've decided to quit commenting on your site and create my own blog. (I'll still comment I'm sure)Thank your wife for her post on the subject in helping me discern what to do. Here it is : http://faithfamilyfarm.blogspot.com/

James said...

Hi interesting to see your running schedule. I have just started running last year - usually run in the morning 5am as it is a bit cooler then - normally 33degC here. Running around the block twice a week and on Saturdays in the hills with the Hash House Harriers. By the way I livie in Indonesia and have just gone 61. Cheers take care Jim

Rob said...

Jim - keep at the running it becomes easier and more fun the more you do it.
Do you get any running done with those Hash House Harries guys? Lots of beer drinking though :)