Friday, June 27, 2008

Dust off those 1st Communion Photos

Got a good pic? Want to win some stuff? And if you do enter, make sure you mention you saw it on my blog. There is a $100 gift certificate in it for me for refering the winner photo. You didn't think I was doing this to be nice did you. I need some new roasary beads...mine are prayed-out...

Then read on.

The Catholic Company, the market leader for online Catholic books and gifts, has just announced a First Communion Photo Contest. What a great excuse to pull those photos out of the photo book and show them off again. Bloggers, podcasters, and webmasters can also win a $100 gift certificate for referring the winning entry to the contest, so be sure to spread the word. Winners will be featured on View From a Pew, The Catholic Company blog


Catherine said...

In our parish, our Priest refuse that relatives took pictures of the communiants inside the Church, he finds it disturbing during the celebration for the concentration and meditation. They ask for a professional photographer to come.
So, my pictures would win certainly, with a so beautiful son on so perfect shots!
No need to send yours, though I must admit your sons have chances to win, but pleeaase, you can register the contest in a couple of years, I can't. We 'll have to wait about 7 years for the next communion! ; )
Have a nice family week-end, don't forget the Euro final. Are you more Spain or you also have German origins?

Rob said...

our parish does not allow pictures during the Mass either. Just before and after.

We have German blood in my family but I will be wanting Spain to win I think.