Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just Keep Swimming

Dominic(6) and Robert(8) had a swim meet Tuesday night. They are the only kids of mine doing swim team this year. I'm not sure how they did because I was taking pictures of them.

This was Dominic's first ever swim meet. He swam the 25 meter freestyle. I think he was 3rd or 4th out of 6.

This is Robert's 2nd year on the team. Last year he swam Free and Back. When he got to the pool last night the coach told him he was also swimming Fly and Breast. I didn't even know he could do those strokes. Apparently he learned them at practice last week. He was 1st in Breast, 2nd in Back and I'm not sure what he did in Free and Fly. Probably around 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Here are a few pictures

Dominic chilling and getting some advice from his big brother. Or maybe they are checking out the girls race

Getting ready for that big push off the side of the pool

Getting some serious air. Is this a race of Belly Flop contest? We will be working on his starts.

Holy Cow! I made it to the other side of the pool.

The real reason he swims. I usually only buy them snow cones for a win...but since it was his first race, I decided to be nice. I know, I'm getting soft in my old age.

The Old Pro checking out the competition

Look mom, I'm flying

Take the picture already dad. We have partying to do.


the "flyin" donk said...

man o man... i loved this blog entry!!!! dominic is going to be a beast and robert gets some serious push on his starts... glad to hear that dominic didnt drown and that robert took first... but i think i am most excited about the FLY... that was my best stroke when i swam (although i tried to do my last 25 with fly last night and my calves cramped up immediately. oh well, guess i shouldnt try that after swimming 2000 meters straight for 30 minutes :) )

tell robert that if he takes first place in fly, he will be my new favorite (i know how the kids like to fight over this title and all)... just dont tell alex or mary... ;)

MOM said...


momto5minnies said...

WE've used some bribery on our end.

CUTE photos. I love those very first couple of years when they are just lucky to make it to the other side.