Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dad Can We Start a Punk Rock Band?

The pictures were taken halfway thru having their heads buzzed. Alas they won't be starting a Punk band and becoming famous and making their dad rich.

It's probably for the best. They would burnout after a few years, get tattooed and pierced-up, start getting arrested, have horrible pictures of them show up on the Internet, go to rehab, go through a few celebrity wives each, write a book about their terrible childhood and how their parents - Gasp! - spanked them when they were little, do the rounds on Springer and Montel with all the other freaks of the week and live in a trailer park in Kentucky for the rest of their lives...But a dad can dream can't he? I just hope they don’t become hairdressers.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog. I definitely agree with you that you are lucky to have the wife you have! I have a question ... I've read a few blogs of moms who blog and post what their typical days are filled with regarding large families. But it would be neat to read how a dad of 11 children spends his day.

(PS if you have done this already, I'm sorry, I guess I missed it.)

Rachel said...

On our way out to vigil Mass... I love the pics. They sure are cute.

However, I *have* a kid in TWO bands and am hoping against hope that he won't go the way of Montel and Springer the way you suggested. (Psst...the kid is still a virgin and has not dated yet and is devoted to his faith) so there *is* hope that one can be a Rock Star who isn't a putz!. ;-)

A Mom can dream can't she?

Alex said...

Seriously, I did not know that you liked Dominic and Robert so much more than the rest of us.
They both have NINE articles!! They even beat Cecilia at 7!!!
I mean Dominic is pretty interesting...but Robert??

Rob said...

Alex are you that bored at school that you have to rad my blog?

Robert might not be as interesting as everyone else but he is 'Handsome Rob'