Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Stupid Homeschoolers

Or maybe I should say smart homeschoolers.

Over the weekend Mary (4) decided to practice writing her name. I guess I should be very proud of here. I mean school is out for our family, the pool is open, summer is here, there are lots of other things she could be doing other than school work. It shows real initiative to do school work during the summer.

Here is the problem: she was practicing writing using a sharp rock for a pencil and the side(s) of our van for paper and the other end of the rock for an eraser. This is the van we bought last summer. And while it was used, it was the newest used vehicle we have ever purchased.

I guess you could say she said to the van, We Will Rock You to quote Queen.

Of course being only 4 she didn’t always write/scratch her name correctly. So she had to cross-out some of the attempts and keep trying all across the back of the van and along one side. I guess I should be glad we named her Mary and not ‘Anastasia’ or ‘Bernadette’. I would have needed a bigger van for her to write on.

Sam discovered this on Saturday. Actually Mary came inside and confessed to her. She didn’t really have much choice since she wasn’t smart enough to write one of her siblings’ names. Sam and the little guys were heading to Joey’s baseball game and I was out biking. Sam told her ‘Daddy’s going to beat you’. So Mary spent most of the time at the game whimpering ‘don’t let daddy beat me’. And the other kids spent most of the time saying ‘Daddy’s gonna kill Mary’.

Sam was nice enough to call me and warn me about it so I had a few hours to digest it and cool down. It looks pretty crappy (she needs to work on her handwriting). I’m going to try and buff it out with rubbing compound this week.

Here are a couple of her attempts

Ah I messed up and this stupid eraser doesn't work

There that's much better

Mary is gonna be the girl who you don't want to break-up with.

For the record the little Monet is in one piece but won’t be having dessert for awhile. But has Queen would say, she is Under Pressure


i hate queen said...

dude... why do you torture me so??? i thought i was your BFF... now everytime i come out here to read your garbage i have to think of freddie mercury in tights with that HORRIBLE overbite!!!!

ugh... like me stressing about Eagleman isnt enough...

Jacque said...

Before you buff that out, you might want to try to sell it as some sort of new modern art...someone on ebay would probably pay say a cool mil for that van now! Is this one of those things they say parents look back and laugh about later?!? Ummmm....much much later!

Catherine said...

I prefer Art on your van than mine!
Sincerely, my husband made some beautiful attempts himself all along ours, against a parking wall, we didn't put him "under pressure", or starve him?!? We ought to?
How many time, I heard "Je vais de tuer si tu continues!" I'll kill you if you continue", these words of tenderness from big sister/brother to their Little one!
Hope he doesn't repeat it at school!

momto5minnies said...

OUCH! I hope I never have to read ANYTHING on my car.

All Things BD said...

Was given a link to this post by a friend, mamaDB.

My five year old got two letters into her name on the rear side of my van before running out of room, so now I'm calling her "AL".

A week later, her seven year old sister decided to decorate her side door of the van with "X" marks the spot.

They are still living, but lost much, much allowance.

Anonymous said...

And all my kids can do is run bike handles down the sides of our van. I feel cheated!


Ellen Connolly said...

Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Litterally LOL

Rob said...

Donk - :-P

jacques that is a good point. i'll post the van on ebay and tell people I see the Virgin Mary of St Joan of Arc in the scratchings

lady Catherine - i like the queen referance

mom to 5...yeah i hope so too

all things bd - good job on having self contol and not killing off the kids. give 'Al' my love

Sharon - don't give up hope that one day your kids can advance to this too

Ellen - thanks for stopping by. your bro said Mass for us last Sunday. It was gret to see him up on the altar again

Kathleen said...

that is it. our kid isn't allowed to hang with your kids when he is older!
(kathi forwarded this to me in an email that sam had sent out to the family).

i am loving your blog by the way!

xo kathleen (sam's cousin, married to paul, baby liam)