Sunday, June 29, 2008

The New Running Shoes are Here, The New Running Shoes are Here

A Haiku in honor of my new shoes that the wonderful UPS driver brought on Friday.

running shoes are new
but the legs are old and gone
new kicks will revive

Look how nice the shoes look against the black background of my blog.


Catherine said...

I can't pronounce on. For me, they're all the same. Sorry!
I hope you ask for a profit sharing with all the advertisement you do. (If you change so often, maybe it means that they're not so resistant!)

Rob said...

The shoes are good quality. But I replace my shoes after 300 miles or around 500 kilometers. It keeps my knees healthy

Catherine said...

Lucky you are! 500 kms without a tear of gas! You see, finally, it takes more time but, in the end, you'll make profit!

Hadley said...

Yes, the shoes are really good looking.