Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wimbledon 2008

Started yesterday in case you hadn't noticed or didn't care.

My top picks to win it all. (and no I didn't pick both of them because of their looks)

Gentlemen's winner: Rafael Nadal (Spain)

Ladies winner: Maria Sharapova (Russia)

Todays highlights:

Sharapova beat Stephanie Foretz of France (sorry Catherine) in straight sets 6-1, 6-4

Nadal beat Andreas Beck of Germany in straight sets 6-4, 6-4, 7-6(7-0). Tip of the hat to Beck. He is the 120th ranked player in the world playing for the first time at Wimbledon. He played on Centre Court against the #2 player in the world and his showing was more than respectable.

Random Updates to follow over the next 3 weeks.


Mylhibug said...

I don't know how you can go against anyone named Roger, I mean it's such a cool name and all. Plus, Nadal has proven time and again, that he can't play on grass.

Sharapova, I likey, and not because she's an attractive Russian but because she can win and has a proven track record on grass.

Just my two cents.


Rob said...

I went with Nadal for a few reasons

1. He’s my favorite player

2. He took Roger to 5 sets last year

3. Federer hasn’t look quite as sharp this year…he’s looked almost human

4. Roger is a year older and not in the good way – he will be 27 in August

5. Nadal is a year older in a good way – just turned 22 at the French Open

6. Nadal won a grass tournament a few weeks ago

7. I actually almost picked Novak Djokovic but he annoys me

Ps – sorry for the slight on the name :)

Mylhibug said...

Just playing with the Roger bit.

However, I still think that Federer will win (again!). Who did Nadal beat on grass? Maybe I should pay more attention before I go off spouting words. :)

Mary Margaret said...

Actually, I think Rafael Nadal would have won last year's Wimbledon if he hadn't had to play something like 4-5 days in a row while Roger Federer had a mini-break of several days off (flew off to his homeland, while Nadal had to play--rain). Seriously, how could anyone think that Roger is a cooler name than Rafael???

If we want to cheer for a hot Russian, let's all get behind Marat Safin. No, I don't really think he will survive the match against Nole, but you never really know with Safin. In addition to being really gorgeous, he is also the best interview in tennis. Who else would say that he must be a hippo, even when he might want to be a parrot? (beats the crap out of most sports interviews) I also love watching him destroy raquets!!!

Oh, BTW, Nadal beat both Roddick and Djokovic to win his grass title. Who did Fed beat? Yeah, I'm pulling for Rafa (unless he plays Safin, in which case I'm for the Russian.) Oh, and I do think that Sharapova is a serious threat to take the title on the ladies side, although far from a sure thing.

Rob said...

very good points Mary Margaret.

so you think Safin is hotter than Nadal?

mary margaret said...

Couldn't be happier to have been wrong. Marat owned Nole!! Please, oh please don't turn around and lose to Seppi.

Actually, Rob, all I said was that Marat is hotter than Maria! But, yes, I think that Marat is the best looking man on the tour, plus he's just fun to listen to and watch. I still think Nadal will win it all, but there would be nothing better than a Nadal-Safin final (not gonna happen, but a girl can dream, right?).

Mylhibug said...

I'm thinking that Maria is hotter than Marat myself, and who knows, this may be Nadal's year.

I'm more disturbed by the lack of "Roger Love" that seems to be going on in the world, I mean it is still in the top 250 names for babies, right?

Truth be told, I'd rather see Jimmy Connors win it, but since he isn't playing anymore...

Rob said...

For the Year 2007 Roger was the #467

Robert was #47

Rafael #228

Mary was #93

Margaret #173

I'll make you a deal Roger. If my wife and I have another 11 kids I'll get a Roger in there somehow.
need to move your name up the list

Mylhibug said...

Oh man, I didn't realize we were that far down the list. Yikes! Maybe I should name MY next child Roger - of course I have to convince the Mrs. that we need to have another one. :)