Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What is that Haunting Aroma?

I love coffee. I mean I Really love coffee. I'm sure I drink too much of it (like that is possible). But I just keep reading the studies that say it's good for you and ignore the ones that say it's bad for you. It's a system I try to use with anything in life. Sun gives you vitamin D, red meat has lots of protein and iron, tobacco counts as a vegetable etc...

Other than Sam, coffee is the only 'vice' I have ;). Vice in the best sense of the word. I don't drink, smoke, gamble, do drugs etc...Having a well made cup of coffee or espresso is one of life's simple pleasures. And my coffee is simple; just coffee. No cream, sugar, fake sugars, spices or anything else to interfere with the flavor of the coffee. Just good coffee beans that are freshly ground right before brewing.

My most important rules regarding coffee are: DEATH BEFORE DECAF!!! and LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO DRINK CHEAP COFFEE!!!

Two places where I buy quality coffee from:

This one I just discovered.

Mystic Monk Coffee

They are Carmelite Monks. They live in a solitary monastery under the Rocky Mountains in northern Wyoming, the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming seek to perpetuate the charism of the Blessed Virgin Mary, living the Marian life as prescribed by the primitive Carmelite Rule and the ancient monastic observance. This new monastery of contemplative monks lives a life of faithful orthodoxy to the Magisterium, where joy and peace abound in a manly, agrarian way of life. The Carmelite Monks wear the Holy Habit faithfully, which includes the brown Carmelite scapular and white mantle of our Lady of Mount Carmel. These young Roman Catholic monks live a full, reverent, and traditional Carmelite liturgical life, with the Divine Office and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass being prayed in Latin with Gregorian Chant.

Selling coffee is how they support themselves. So if you imbibe in coffee check out their selections. I like the Mystic Monk Blend and Breakfast Blend personally. Whole bean of course. Those are the two I've tried so far.

The other place is Coffee Fool

I've been ordering from them for about a year now. My two favorites are their Dark Italian Roast and Velvet Hammer (another Italian Roast). Tip - you can never go wrong with something Italian.
They have many other coffees and I've personally tried around a dozen of them. All have been good to great.
They cost a little less than the good Monks but they don't have a monastery to support...as far as I know.

For all you women and The Donk, both places also sell those flavored frou-frou coffees too. Ladies sorry to include you with The Donk.

My normal routine is to grind just enough beans to make the amount of coffee I can drink before it goes stale. If I’m in a real hurry I use my single serving K-Cup coffee maker. It also makes teas and hot chocolate. Which is why I bought it. No one else in my house drink's coffee - shocking I know. But Sam and the kids like teas and hot chocolate. My next step is to buy a French Press. Then I will feel that my coffee drinking life is complete.

If I’m heading out for the day I’ll make a whole pot and fill up a thermos that I picked out.

From the Steve Martin move The Jerk

How the coffee addiction all began for me.


the donk said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! i was JUST finishing up my coffee (with international delights FRENCH VANILLA!!!!!!!!) when i read this... i love a little coffee with my creamer... ;)

oh, and how dare you put those women in the same category as me... they did nothing to deserve that... i wouldnt be surprised if they stopped reading your blog now... i know i would...

Catherine said...

You can trust me, buy a Nespresso machine!
The quality of coffee is linked of the pressure : you need no less than 19 Bars to get a coffee like those we get in a "café" in Italie or in France.
I can't finish a meal without coffee, so when we go for a picnic, (we don't bring crystal glasses like you at your fishing party) we bring the thermos filled with 6 capsules/coffee.
Coffee time is more than a pleasure, it's a time between adults, with adults conversations, no work, no children, an institution.

Rob said...

Catherine - I do own an Nespresso machine also. I just forgot to mention it. It makes very good coffee and espresso. The problem is, it does not make tea or hot chocolate, which is what every one else in the house wants to drink.