Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ron Paul to End Campaign

One of the few politicians I actually liked and would have voted for. Um, actually the other one I can I think of at the moment.

By JIM VERTUNO / Associated Press

Maverick Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul will end his campaign Thursday night in a speech near the Texas Republican convention and start a new effort to elect libertarian-leaning Republicans to offices around the country.

Campaign spokesman Jesse Benton said the announcement was "not a disappointment at all. I think this is really exciting."

A announcement at the state GOP meeting in Houston to end the campaign will be a formality, considering Paul won few delegates during the Republican primaries. But he raised large amounts of money online and developed a huge grassroots following.


the Mom said...

I like Ron Paul. I voted for him in the primary.

I wish more people could have heard him speak.

Anonymous said...

i picture OB1 and Yoda talking
"that man is our last hope"

"no. there is another"

hope another ron shows up soon:)