Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Speed vs Old Speed

A mini movie review.

Last week I took Joey (10), Robert (8) and Dominic (6) to see the new Speed Racer movie.

The old original Speed Racer shows were my favorite cartoon growing up. I would run home from elementary school every day to watch it on tv.

They were already familiar with the Speed Racer shows since I bought a set of DVD's of the old TV show a few years ago.

The boys loved it but they would watch a test pattern on TV. I was a little worried that the 2 hours and 15 minute running time of the movie would be too much for Dominic, but he was fine. The movie held his attention.

The movie is very pro family and marriage. The Racer family goes out of it's way to help one another. And lying actually has consequences and people apologize for it.

And Racer X is still the coolest race car driver ever.

Visually it's very very colorful. Like watching a NASCAR race on LSD. The Wachowski Brothers have too much computing power at their disposal.

Why it is rated PG: for intense comic race action and fight scenes (that might be too much for little kids), a dozen or so minor swear words, one instance of someone giving half a peace sign and 1 unfortunate use of Jesus' name in vain.


momto5minnies said...

Thanks for the review! I know that y husband wants to take our girls to this movie.

the Mom said...

How would you know about LSD? Hmmmmm?

-K said...

I totally missed the saying Jesus' name. Hmmm. Some lines were hard to hear with the cars buzzing.
I loved the movie. You can read my review of it. I thought yours was pretty much dead on.