Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How the Kids Treat Their Mother

Anyone else have this problem? Any ideas on how to stop the 'mom is our maid, cook, laundress, gardener, chauffeur' mentality? Or at least stop them from taking all she does for them for granted.

All our kids have chores each day which they for the most part do. But heaven forbid you ask them to do something else around the house that isn't on the Job Chart.

We've tried time-outs, beatings, grounding, starvation, being forced to listen to Barry Manilow, water boarding, thumb screws etc...(while water boarding seems to somehow not be against the Geneva Convention, I think being force-fed Manilow is, so no tattling to Home Land Security).

We explain to them that this is a large house with a large family living in it and everyone has to pitch in and help. Otherwise the house is going to turn into one of those old-lady houses you see on the news that have been condemned. You know the ones; forty years of newspapers stacked six feet high in there, Big Mac containers from when they used to be Styrofoam, 72 cats living there...If everyone does help out, it really isn't horribly painful to keep this household running.

And I must admit that sometimes we actually get through to them. Usually it's after their mother and I have had our 19th nervous breakdown. But at least that's something.

So we continue on (mainly Sam) trying to make this home a place people feel welcome in. I think most of the time we succeed. Sure there might be a few dishes in the sink and toys scattered about and a bike or ten on the front lawn and the laundry room looks like a clothing store threw-up in it (35 loads a week will do that). But the kids are always having friends over to hang-out or spend the night so it must not be too bad. I mean we haven't had to send out a search party for a missing child in the house.

We love the fact that our kids aren't shy about asking if their friends can come over and hang - better here than hanging out a Mall. Last Thursday night 3 of our teens had 5 friends total hanging out...and that was a light night. We always have plenty of drinks and snacks on hand. Plus we have a really large family room with a cool TV and stereo, plus game tables on the back screened-in porch.

Now if I could just get them to clean-up after these get togethers without complaining...


the donk said...

lets put it this way (and i cant believe i am going to write this), if i have to come to slug infested bowie, your home is where i want to be... LOVE IT!!!! mainly because of sam and now MARY... oh, and there is all the triathlon stuff there too... makes me feel at home...

you, i could do without... but i gotta take the good with the bad i guess...

and what kinda degree do you need to understand that daggone chore board?!?!?!?!?

Jacque said...

Oh My gosh!!! That chore list made my stomach churn. My kids each have 3 (slightly overwhelming I know) chores on their summer chore list, which they just can't seem to handle. I must begin looking around my house for more chores. I'm sure I can find them somewhere among the mess!

Catherine said...

Fortunately, my children won't try to understand this post, otherwise they would ask you "political asylum", there is nothing they like more than inviting friends at home. But it's so little at our apartment that they can't invite as many friends as they would like.
If they succeed translating I will insist on your chore board! and that will make them reflect.
They're not very good at obeying! or you must be good at repeating the rules.

Catherine said...

Can you give us the name of the creator of that cloth tag : )
I would like, let's say, award him (because he is a man, no doubt) for his sense of humor!