Monday, June 9, 2008

A Day in the Life

Of a Dad of 11. Per Jennifer's request.
Actually here is our weekend.

5-6am Sam goes to Holy Hour. I'm either asleep or hanging out with the little ones if they wake up before she get home.

7am get up and get ready for work (Tuesday's and Thursday's I work from home), make breakfast and lunch.

7:30 Leave for work

8am get to work.

11am I take my lunch break and go running. I run somewhere between 4.5-5.5 miles. Shower at the office and eat lunch at my desk.

4pm Leave for home. This past Friday I met the family and some friends at the pool to hang out and have dinner.

During the summer when the neighborhood pool is open that is the normal. Meet the family at the pool and swim and eat there or go home after a few hours to eat. When its not summer there are usually sports practices to take kids to.

8pm we headed home from the pool. Spent some time pulling every fan and window a/c unit's out of the attic that we own, since our air conditioner died and it was 95-100 all weekend here (but that's a whole nother post)

9-11pm I watched the a replay of the Men's Semi-Final match at the French Open.

11pm bed


6:30am Got up to get ready to go cycling with friends. We go early to beat the heat and get home before we get more 'heat' from our wives :)

7-9am Biked 42 miles.

10am Sam and the other kids took Joey to his baseball game until around 2pm. I would normally have gone but I had grass to cut at my dad's house.

10:30-12:30pm Cut my dad's grass. 2 acres or so. I'm his yard boy.

12:30-1pm Ran 3 miles in my dad's neighborhood. Then I went in his pool for awhile to cool off.

1:30pm Meet up with Sam and the kids at the house. We then divided and conquered. Sam stayed home with the little ones (nap time) and the older ones who didn't want to go to the pool.

1:30pm I went to the pool with Mary, Dominic and Robert. To get away from the heat at home. The workmen were at the house at 9am until 4pm getting the new unit in.

I stayed at the pool until 6pm. Sam came around then. After the little ones finished napping they all went to a graduation party.

6pm I took 3 of the kids who were hungry back home to grab a bite to eat. We also watched Big Brown lose the Belmont Stakes.

6:30 - We went back to the pool.

7:30pm I went home for good. 10+ hours in the sun and brutal heat were enough.

8:00pm watched a movie and then went to bed


8am Mass for me and 5 of the kids.

9am-11am Watched Nadal destroy Federer in the French Open

Noon Sam and 2 of the boys went to Mass. Robert was signing and Caleb was serving.

1pm met them after Mass for the church picnic. Our church is Sacred Heart and we celebrate the Feast Day on the second Sunday of June.

1-3:30pm sweated it out in the 98 degree heat at the picnic.

3:30 - headed to the pool, got text message from oldest child who was already at pool, that someone had an 'accident' in the pool and it was closed.

3:30 - 6pm went to neighbors house and played in the sprinkler and ordered pizza

6:30 - 9pm opening night of the neighborhood Whiffle Ball season. The kids had a blast


momto5minnies said...

Hopefully you can stay cooler this week. With all that time outdoors, you must be SUPER TAN!

Catherine said...

Too busy for me!
This Sunday morning, Olivier made his profession of faith, he was also serving the Mass.
Next step/sacrament : Marriage! We begin from now on to search for a kind girl with a nice "bride price": )

Rob said...

mom to 5 - yes very nice tan already. but Sam is convinced i'll die soon of skin cancer and leave her with a bunch of kids

catherine - how old is Olivier? we might have a daughter for him

Anonymous said...

wow, that is busy. I feel like such a "slacker" after reading your days :-)Keep up with your exercising; I wish I was hard core like you. I'm lucky if I do a little weights and a bike ride.
Thank you for sharing.


Rachel said...

We got a new 60inch HD TV and a Blueray player. We never go anywhere (Ben sucks at traveling) so any extra $$$ gets spent on entertaining ourselves. So that was my weekend. Let me tell you there is nothing like watching Bear Grylls throw himself, stark naked, into a river in Siberia in big, beautiful, high def!

Our house has a very open floor plan so it's really hard to cool inexpensively. So, we set the AC at 80F everywhere except 3 bedrooms, where it is 78F (I want it arctic cold, but we can't afford it). Readng your post about the AC, man, I felt for you. I am glad it's fixed.

BTW, listen to Sam about the skin cancer!!! That is the one thing I am getting checked out this Wed. I am a freckly chick and my Doc found some things on my back, during my recent physical, which she doesn't like the look of. I try to stay out of the sun and do my exercise in really tree lined shady places. I had a grandfather who had his ear lopped off because of skin cancer. He was addicted to golfing and was always in the sun. He never protected himself and he lost an ear!!

From the slacker of all slackers!