Saturday, June 28, 2008

It was the Lifebuoy

Joey (10) at bed time "Mom, Dad, Dominic (6) called me a stinky butt-head crack and stuck part of my blanket up his nose."

Dad "Send him down here"

Dominic comes down not looking contrite at all.

Dad using his angry voice "You are never to call people names like that, not even politicians. Well OK, maybe politicians. Now open up."

Dad putting liquid dish soap in his mouth. Oh boy that was a lot.

Dad "Now go to bed, turn out the lights and right to sleep...and no blowing bubbles with all that soap I put in your mouth."

Who says parenting isn't fun?


Catherine said...

"Dad using his angry voice", ouh! I'm scaaarrred.
Gabriel also says bad words. We used to say he learns them at school. (In fact, I think his big sister and brother are his teachers).
But, you can't say that your son learn it at school! Too bad. Find the guilty.

Rachel said...

It was...the soap! I LOVE THIS MOVIE and know most of it by heart. F R A G I L E!