Thursday, July 17, 2008

10 Steps to Being a Better Wife

Before we try to change you, here are a few changes we'll try to make ourselves. Deal?
By Sharon O’Brien

Ok wives it's your turn. Here is what you are supposed to do.

1) Take care of yourself

My honey is beautiful, nuff said. Grade A+++

2) Say thank you, often

I usually feel appreciated. Grade B

3) Keep the romance alive

Um, 11 kids. Some would call that a deterrent, not for us. Grade A+

4) Let him have "guy time"

I workout at least once a day, sometimes with friends. Grade A+

5) Make your husband a priority

Sam always wants to know how my day was, what I’m thinking etc…so I guess the grade is an A. Assuming you like that kinda stuff.

6) Don't try to change him

For the most part this is no longer a problem. I think Sam has realized that trying to change me has the opposite effect. Grade B+

7) Don’t make him guess—tell him what you want

I think I always know what she wants and what’s on her mind. Sweetie’s no shrinking wall flower. Grade A

8) Cultivate friends and interests outside your marriage

Sam has more friends than a swimsuit model asking to have sunblock rubbed on her on a crowded spring-break beach. When we have a party the house, yard, street, neighbors yards are overflowing with people. I’ve banned her from making new friends. Grade A+

9) Let free time be free

I do get free time to pursue activities but I also get booked with lots of other activities. Grade B

10) Believe in your husband, and let him know it

Sam’s got this one down. Grade A


momto5minnies said...

Sounds like your wife has HIGH honor roll!!!!!

Rob said...

She's a keeper alright. Just glad I tricked her into marrying me.