Thursday, July 3, 2008

I Guess $5 Hot Drinks Aren't a Priority... least not in this Economy

Starbucks is closing 600 stores.

That's out of 7,257 stores. Only 6,657 to go until that yuppie plague from Seattle is gone from this country.

Tough to get people to buy your stuff when they can hardly afford to buy food, pay their mortgages or put gas in their tanks.

Let's see a 20 ounce plain coffee runs around 2 bucks. That works out to around $13 a gallon - makes gasoline look down-right reasonable.

I've bought Starbucks coffee a few times in my life - on the Jersey turnpike (talk about plaques) at one of those big rest plazas where they were the only choice and I was driving 9 hours straight. So I have a good excuse.

I don't really care if someone wants to pay $2-$5 for some 'coffee' type drink. But I can grind my own beans and make better coffee for around 25 cents a cup.

So even if I was inclined to go to Starbucks, it doesn't really make financial sense. A weeks worth of coffee purchased there would cost me the same dollar amount as a new pair of running shoes. And yes I do think of the cost of everything and how many running shoes I could buy with it.

And all you Starbucks Idolaters, chill. My 18 year-old daughter goes there too. Besides the 'good' Senators and Congressmen from Washington State will probably get a bill passed to send out a coffee stimulus check, redeemable only at Starbucks of course.


Soul Pockets said...

So true. Also the fact that when I do have any extra money to buy a coffee I feel like a complete idiot trying to pronounce the names. All I want is coffee!

momto5minnies said...

With the rising cost of gas, I have had to forego my STARBUCKS treat. Summer months are when I go for the iced latte thing. While on my various road trips I have come to like McDonalds iced coffee ... a lot more coffee for less.

Rob said...

SP - the couple times I've been there I've just said "large black coffee". I can't bring myself to order by their funny names.

M25MM - I see quite a few people at work with the McDonalds coffe and iced coffee cups now instead of Starbucks

Catherine said...

Here, Rob, Starbucks has a "public image". Consumers are less than 25 years. My daughter goes there with her friends. It's à la mode.
But my children can't understand that sometimes, I refuse to get there when we're all together because they don't drink coffee, so whatever they order, it costs about 10 €! (15$) for 2 glasses of whatever. It would be so tasty, and good! but in fact, it's just ice fruits juice! With less than that, you can ghave a complete 'petit dejeuner' in a café (croissant, coffee, orange juise, the whole stuff, and never, never in a "paper" cup!). Just like your wine in carton!