Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wimbledon 2008

Its men’s quarter finals day

First up is Roger “what a great name” Federer against Mario Ancic. And Marat “I’m making Mary Margaret look like a genius” Safin faces Feliciano Lopez.

The second set of matches (why do they have to play matches at the same time?) features Rainer Schettler of Germany against Arnaud “Catherine’s last chance” Clement of France.

And Andy Murray of England verses Rafael “Man-Crush” Nadal.


Federer took care of Super Mario in straight sets.

And Safin, after dropping the opening set, beat Lopez. The legend of the Tennis Genius/Geek continues to grow.

Nadal cruised past Murray 6-3, 6-2, 6-4

The Schettler and Clement match was suspended due to darkness with it tied at one set apeice. Couldn't they have started it a little earlier? Or was there a rain delay. I hate when I have work to do and can't watch it.


Mylhibug said...

First up is Roger “what a great name” Federer

I appreciate the Roger love! :)

Catherine said...

Even if my last chance lose at the 1/4 final, that's a great challenge, to participate until that level in the tournament.
Why do they create paying channels. we're paying for some, but not those that have the rights for Wilbledon!!!

mary margaret said...

Woo-hoo! Marat's in the semis, Marat's in the semis! *happy dance*
I really didn't think he'd do it. I haven't watched the match yet, but I watched the scoreboard. I'll probably add another comment after I watch it--don't have to work tomorrow. (Yippee!) Seriously, from what I've read, he just was more mentally tough than Fe-Lo. I know, I know--more mentally tough? Safin?

I don't know how he'll play against Federer, but beating Fed on grass is a very tough challenge. I think he's won 64 or 65 straight matches on grass, and Marat famously declared, once upon a time, that grass is for cows, not tennis. (He may feel slightly differently right now.) If he beats Roger, it will be a long, tough match, leaving him little to fight against Rafa. On the other hand, if he fights really hard in a losing effort, Roger may be the one with fatigue issues in the final. Rafa is one guy you don't want to face if you are tired. Still picking Rafa to win it all (although I would be thrilled to see Marat win the title).

Off to watch the match (I'm really glad I paid for Wimbledon live--it's been fun.) Catherine, I'm not so sure Clement will lose this match, but I'm pretty sure that whoever wins will lose in the semis. I'm actually pulling for Clement in this one.

Davai Marat!

mary margaret said...

I'm baaaaaack! OK, now I've watched the match and I was right. (I know you are all shocked, but there it is.) Lopez has a first serve to die for--puts me in mind of Johnnie Mac's first serve--his volley is also good, and he moves very well. Why has this man never been beyond the quarterfinals at the big W? All about that space between the ears, IMHO. Shoulders dropping, head dropping, and not just for a second, but continuing for games--games!

Yeah, I've seen Safin do the same--but not in this tournament. Safin is taking the body blows and hanging in, working hard and winning a match that many (such as your resident tennis geek) thought was a very bad match-up for him. Marat does not play well against lefties, hates nasty slicy stuff and doesn't think much of the amenities at Wimbledon. Still, he regrouped, kept his head in the match and went for his shots. There were around a half-dozen that made me gasp--and I already knew he would win. Flat out talent. Period. (And, apparently, some really tough off-court work. He looks 10-15 pounds lighter than the last time I saw him play.)

To beat Fed (or at least push him to his limit): 1) Better first serve percentage, even if you have to lose some pace--good placement and/or spin outweigh sheer speed (see Roddick, A and Tanner, R) 2) Clean up at least some of the forehand errors. Yes,it's not your better side, but it must be more consistent than Roger's backhand for you to win. 3) Always try to exploit the Fed backhand, particularly on your second serve, or if you come to the net.

Still think Fed gets this one in 3-4 sets. If it goes 5, anything could happen, and pretty much everything would be good for Nadal.

I'm still hoping to see at least one Williams lose in the semis, but it's not likely. Probably looking at an all-Williams final, where the edge should be to Venus.