Friday, July 11, 2008

Puke Happens

Last Saturday and Sunday I was sick. Some weird flu/stomach virus hybrid. Flu in the summer????

Monday and Tuesday the baby and Cecilia (2) had it. Wednesday and Thursday Barbara (12) had it. Last night between midnight and this morning Sam and 6 of the kids came down with it. Normally 3 bathrooms are enough, even for our large family. But Tupperware bowls seem to work just as well as the porcelain bus when one needs to do the Technicolor yawn.

Robert (8) and Joseph (10) are the only ones not to succumb yet. They have barricaded themselves upstairs in their bedroom and will probably hide out in there for a few days. I image they will be lowering a rope with a basket attached to it out their bedroom window for food supplies, masks and Lysol.

They are dead men walking.

I’m fully recvored and at work. It’s nice and quiet here and doesn’t smell of last nights dinner.

***Update from home*** Robert just went down for the count. Sam says Joey is the only one left and he’s teasing the others. Oh how the mighty shall fall…


sick mom said...

hope you are enjoying the peace and quiet...could you please send the maid and the nurse...Mary is getting ready to barf...must go and show some sincere sympathy...

momto5minnies said...


FLU would really knock you out for a long, long time. Likely it is just a nasty stomach virus. That ranks up there as the worst type of sickness to pass along. Even if you don't really catch the bug, the smell and thought is enough to make you feel GROSS.

Hope the sickies go away soon.

Lauren said...

I know how you feel. Last Monday I came down with the flu. Only I was in Las Vegas for vacation and was flying home that day. Needless to say, I received many stares and sideways glances at the large metal mixing bowl I carried onto the plane. "No it's not a's to help your ride be more enjoyable."

Then yesterday I was down all day too. The minute I reached work I had to turn around and come home when I revisited my breakfast. Seems I was dehydrated from all the puking a few days earlier.

So make sure the kids and Sam get a lot of water and Gatorade to keep them hydrated. Believe me, it's no fun.

Catherine said...

I bet a flu at summer time is due to global warming!
And we're not sick yet, so pleeaaase avoid the details, or we'll throw up too! No solidarity in that case.