Thursday, July 24, 2008

Best Darn Shaving Gel Ever

Mini Review

I scored some free samples of some men's facial products from a company called Arbonne.

My favorite it the Shaving Gel. It's a white gel that kind of goes on like Noxzema, but not as greasy. When you put it on your face it looks like you have applied some Ivory soap. There is just a thin layer of product, so I was a little sceptical of how it would work. But it worked better than any shaving cream or gel I have ever used. I use cheap disposable razors so this was good test. The razor just glided over my face. No pulling of the hairs and no nicks or cuts on my face. To put the gel to a harder test. I used the same cheap Bic razor 5 times in a row and I only shaved every other day so there was more growth to hack off. Each time it felt like a was shaving with a good quality brand-new razor.

Ok all of us pretty much hate shaving. But if you are looking for a higher end shaving gel to make the chore a little bit more pleasant, this one is for you!!! I'm not getting any $$$ for this. I'm doing it cause I like the goods. And cause I'm a sweetheart of a guy...just ask my wife and kids.

I don't want to make outrageous claims about this shaving gel, but I'm so smooth-faced and good looking now, that I wouldn't be surprised if number 12 is on the way soon.

Next I'll try it on my hairy gorilla like legs. I was able to shave part of my back for date-night with my Honey.

I've also been trying some sea-salt exfoliate that Sam as been using. It definitely leaves my face feeling softer and looking cleaner. I'll let Sam post more on it.

I'm also tyring out some face toner after-shave product and some skin moisturizer. It's going to be hard to tell how this is working since I already have such a pretty face. But I'll post again after trying it for awhile.

(does this make me a metro sexual?)

For more info on the products, and to order with a 15% discount contact:

Susan Brennan


the disgusted and feeling somewhat violated donk said...



dude, i let the leg shaving slide last year because you got some adonis calves and you were a hardcore triathlete... but to see you type the word exfoliate in your blog has me feeling dirty about all those showers last year... you were oglin werent you?!?!?!?! ;)

seriously dude... a man should have 5 things in the bathroom...

1) bar of soap
2) shampoo
3) toothbrush
4) deoderant
5) shaver

THATS IT!!!!!!!!! no sea salt exfoliate... i bet you are using a loofa now arent you?!?!?!?! come on, admit it... YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!

Colleen said...

I thought you might be interested in this story...
Love your blog, and I hope number 12 is on the way, but just remember that the *trying* for #12 is the fun part! (as if I had to tell you that!)

momto5minnies said...

I am married to a man who can rattle off all that terminology. I won't reveal the HUGE company he works for, except to say that he gets me lots of goodies because I am worth it ;)

I would have reversed the heart ... kept the hair in the middle. It looks creepy the way you did it.

Rob said...

Donk - Chill Dude

Colleen - thanks for the link. great story.

M25M - of course you are worth it!Good husband you have there...but you already new that.
Once my back grows back in I'll try it the reverse way

the Mom said...

I'm telling you...just eat the aloe vera. No need for the fancy face scrubs or moisturizers. 1 week and you'll look like a new man.

Rob said...

The Mom - I got myself a bottle of Aloe Vera juice a few weeks ago and I drink an ounce a day. I was so darn pretty to begin will be hard to tell if it helps :-P

Anonymous said...

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