Saturday, July 5, 2008

It's 4th of July Weekend

What are you people doing here?

You should be out partying!

Now go grill some dead animal flesh, drink some beers and blow-off a few fingers with some fireworks.

Except for you Catherine. Since you aren't in this country you can do something else. Or you can join our celebration of getting free from the Limeys. Or you could use this as a warm-up party for Bastille Day.

I look forward to seeing your lovely country as the Tour starts today!!! Were you selected to be a Podium Girl this year?

Sounds like a good course this year.

Du samedi 5 au dimanche 27 juillet 2008, le 95e Tour de France comprendra 21 étapes pour une distance d’environ 3 500 kilomètres.

Ces 21 étapes se décomposent comme suit:

10 étapes de plaine,
5 étapes de haute montagne,
4 étapes accidentées,
2 étapes contre-la-montre individuel.
Les particularités de l'épreuve

4 arrivées en altitude,
2 journées de repos,
82 kilomètres contre la montre individuel,
17 cols de 2e, 1re et hors catégorie seront escaladés


Catherine said...

On the 4th of July, it was my last day of work, thank you!
Bastille day is our National day, you're right, on July the 14th. And since we're bloodthirsty at this particular occasion, we'll eat BBQ if we have a garden (we haven't), see the army march past on the Champs Elysées (A kind of Kremlin military march with less show of fighting forces. Our army better be humble! Have you read this). No more Guillotine here!
This week end, I was out all the days, I couldn't watch sport on TV. Did I tell you that @$*!§@ French TV broadcasts Wimbledon on Paying Channels!!!

Rob said...

that's an awful news story about those people getting shot. are they all going to be ok?

Catherine said...

From a human point of view, that's terribly awful, yes, all the more so as children were injured, fortunately no one is dead, from a diplomatic point of view, that have been a terrible shock! The army chief was compeled to hand in his resignation, Sarkosy, furious because of the image of the French army, named him as responsible .
I'm torn, he is responsible as head army chief, (but just after Sarkosy himself, who'is in our constitution chief of the army too!) and in fact, this General wasn't even present in Carcassonne. I think that asking for the resignation of the chief of that barracks was, maybe, enough. Politic has sometimes reasons we ignore!