Thursday, July 3, 2008

Wimbledon 2008

Serena beat Jie Zheng of China and Venus beat the shrieking Elena Dementieva of Russia.

So we are stuck with a Venus and Serena final…oh well…

I’m going to go with Venus. Based solely on her being the more athletic of the two. I can’t figure out how Serena moves around the court with those big thighs and caboose. I’m not being a pig. This isn’t a looks criticism, she looks a lot better than Venus; I just can see how she can keep up with Venus.
Hopefully the match will be a good one.

The men’s semis were rounded out today. Schuettler of Germany beat Clement of France in a 5 set match that was played over two days and few rain delays. The lucky German gets a whole days rest be racing the Nadal juggernaut.

Sorry Catherine. If it’s any consolation I thought Clement looked better. His bandana look was better than Schuettler with his baseball cap on backwards. On my 8 year-old that’s cute…it makes a grown man look like a doofus.


mary margaret said...

Yeah, I'm going with Venus, too, because she's probably the best grass court player in the world. Mentally, she is more fragile than Serena, but she has better touch on the ball. I'll be surprised if it's a good final--all Williams finals are usually not high quality IMO.

The real question is--who are you picking in the other men's semi-final? Barring a major injury, Rafa should be through in 3 sets, but Safin-Federer could be more competitive. Much as I would love to see Safin beat Roger in another GS semi, it's a very long shot. Back in 2005, I really thought he could win at the AO, but Wimbledon 08? I don't see it--hope it's a good match. (Well, unless Marat wins, then I hope it's a quick 3 setter!)

Rob said...

i think it would be cool if Safin won. but i can't really pick againist Federer on grass (at least not until the finals when he plays my boy Nadal)

Catherine said...

Thanks to your 8years old son I know now what is a doofus! That's not the kind of word you learn in your english class.
If, in a couple of years he need to know the equivalence, he will just have to ask, I'll tell him. That's the better part in learning a foreign language.