Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wimbledon 2008

Ok so was that a great gentlemen’s championship or what?

I managed to get off my death-bed (flu) to watch it. I actually missed the first 2 sets. We were at church and then the whole family went out to lunch. Thank God for rain-delays.

I’m glad it didn’t go any longer; I was starting to get stressed. Not because I wanted Nadal to win so badly but because I was starting to not want anyone to lose.

Anyway I still feel lousy from the flu so no more on this for now. Everyone else feel free to chime in.
I’d like to know how others enjoyed the match.


Mary Margaret said...

Vamos Rafa!!! That was a great match. I am so glad Rafa won, but I'll admit that Roger was very gracious in defeat. I could have done with fewer slice backhands from Nadal, but it's hard to complain about the results. Question is: is Nadal now the best player in the world, points not withstanding? I would say that anyone who can win the FO and Wimbledon back-to-back is the best, even if he doesn't yet have the points. No?

Mylhibug said...

I agree with Mary Margaret, Nadal deserves to be #1.

I will now bow to your greatness and speak no more of Roger, at least until the U.S. Open, where they have lights!

Rob said...

I thought they were both very gracious. Good examples of how to win and lose the right way.

And yeah it's hard to argue with the # of slice backhands when he won.

I'll go along with you two and say Nadal is #1...of course I'm biased.

I'm so glad they finished that before it got dark. Waiting until this morning would have lousy

Mary Margaret said...

Hey, I don't know if this link will work, but this is why I seriously love Rafa.

The little boy is, I think, Uncle Toni's son. Love the way Rafa sent him back to properly shake Roger Federer's hand. Some day, Rafa will make some woman a good husband, and some children (God willing) a very good father. Rafa is just a family guy--and what is better than that? (Makes me wonder, why doesn't Roger marry Mirka? They have been together since the 2000 Olympics, I think. OK, I have a lot of respect that he sticks with Mirka rather than running off with some model/actress, but come on Rog, you're a Catholic boy. Just marry the girl.)

Oh, and BTW, Rob I also thought they were both quite gracious, but I expect that from Rafa, while Roger can be---somewhat arrogant. My opinion only. Also, a last word for Safin. He actually played qualies for Hamburg, which he found humiliating, but he did it. So, maybe his head is not always in every match, but he has shown his love for the game--obviously, he doesn't need the money, but he swallowed his pride and played against the rank and file (Agassi did the same in his comeback). Gotta love a man who can put his pride in his pocket when it's necessary. Hope he does well in the hard court season and gets a seed for the US Open. Davai, Marat!