Thursday, July 24, 2008

Today's Workouts

22 miles on the local High School track. 88 mind-numbing laps. I normally run out on the roads but due to the sore ankle I wanted to run on a flat surface.
The ankle felt good for the first 5 miles, miles 6-15 it hurt and the last 7 miles it was numb. The last four miles my thighs and hips were trashed.

When I finished I collapsed on the side of the track and crawled to the Long Jump pit and threw-up in the sand. Then I staggered to the car and tried to drive home. A cop pulled me over for suspicion of drunk driving. When getting of the car for the field sobriety test, I stumbled and fell on the cop who promptly pepper-sprayed me. I was then placed in a holding cell where some 6’4” bald dude named Bubba wanted to make me his girlfriend. Fortunately Sam bailed me out in time. I just made it home. (J-Cleaver this paragraph is for you – is that better).

Hopefully I’ll recover somewhat for tomorrows run.


Rachel said...

You have to be kidding! *That* did not happen.
If it did, Dude, you have a serious exercise addiction. I'm gonna write to Sam and tell her it's time for an intervention. The only problem is...she'll have to FIND you first since you are always miles and miles away.

Coincidentally, my husband works for a bald guy named Bubba, but he is into 'real' girls.

WHAT!!?! You'll hopefully recover for tomorrow's run!?! Are you *trying* to kill yourself? Rob, you're a goofball!

Rob said...

the 22 miles on the track part is true. the other stuff was made up cause JC was giving me a hard time on yesterdays workout post.

I normally run 7 days a week. Tomorrow will be 10 or so. I'm ramping up the mileage because I signed-up for a 50 mile race in november...i'm a moron

sam the normal one said...

I have tried intervention...he just pouts and crawls in a corner until I say he can go for a run, ride, or swim...he said it well...he is a moron- when it comes to exercise!!! I on the other hand hate even the thought of it!!!

momto5minnies said...

What do you eat to sustain you? I would imagine that you burn days worth of calories in just one day.

Seriously ... how do you refuel?

Rob said...

Yo Sam - it should be "he just pouts and crawls in a corner 'And curls up in the fetal postion and sucks his thumb' until I say he can go for a run, ride, or swim"

Yo Mother of Quin-Minnies - I starting Bonking (running out of fuel) around mile 21. I forgot to eat before running long. I usually have a Cliff Bar and Bananna. When I was running I had 2-24 ounce bottles of sports drink. when i finished for breakfast I had a recorovery drink called Ultragen, left-over shrimp jambalaya and LOTS of coffee.
And in general I eat quite a bit

June Cleaver said...

Oh Thank Heaven... a true look at working out. That sounds like my work outs... only you left out the part where you curse and wet your pants.

Rob said...

I was too dehydrated to wet myself and babbling to incoherently to curse