Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Family Picture Day

A week ago my extended family met at a local pond with a professional photographer. I also brought my camera along. Here are a few shots.

The Bunch of Us

Mom and Her Boys

Dad and His Girls

Summer Time Feet

Ok This one Might Need an Explanation

We all wore white shirts and kaki bottoms of some sort. During the pictures this guy came running up saying "why did we start the picture taking with out him"? So we had him jump in for a few pictures. See if you can guess which one he is.


Mau said...

I like the last one the best.! You should definitely use that for your Christmas card this year! ;-)

PamRuns26.2 said...

The pictures are great Rob! Sam looks like she's one of the teens!

Rob said...

yeah Caleb really wants us to use that one...i think we will, at least for select people.

Thanks Pam

the Mom said...

Great pictures. I LOVE the feet one. It reminds me of a picture I've seen somewhere.....

momto5minnies said...

That last photo is so funny.

You have a great looking family and pretty evenly split ... I just realized.

Of course I like the feet photo. I have a thing for "different" shots.

Mostly I commend you and your wife (I am sure it was mostly your wife) for gathering up your bunch for a planned photo. It is hard enough getting my family of seven together. 13, I can only imagine!

Michele said...

Love the pictures Rob! You have a beautiful family!