Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Meat Eaters Rejoice

Tofu causes dementia

Eating high levels of some soy products - including tofu - may raise the risk of memory loss, research suggests.

The study focused on 719 elderly Indonesians living in urban and rural regions of Java.

The researchers found high tofu consumption - at least once a day - was associated with worse memory, particularly among the over-68s.

I knew that hippie tree-hugger food was bad for you. Besides tofu tastes like toe-cheese. Don't ask me how I know what toe-cheese tastes like. It was a long time ago and involved alcohol and a triple-dog-dare. Plus I never could eat tofu because I always felt so bad for the poor soybeans that had to die to make it.

If the choice is between a heart-attack and Dementia, I'll take the heart-attack and enjoy my meals in the meantime.

So go eat a nice big fat juicy steak!!! It tastes like spotted owl with a hint of snail darter.

Yeah Yeah I know it doesn't say to rush out and eat red meat - I'm reading between the lines. Don't be such a buzz-kill people...sheesh.


Mau said...


Chris and I have been secretly reading your blog for a couple of months now. You are hilarious! I honestly think you and Chris were separated at birth.
Anyhoo, I'm leaving a comment today with a link to a t-shirt we just ordered for our oldest. Thought you'd be able to appreciate it. Enjoy!


momto5minnies said...

YUM ... I love a good steak.

I am an anti-SOY person mostly because it nearly caused the death of me and I would rather not inject myself with epinephrine.

TOFU is just nasty and I think many people are foolin' themselves thinking it taste edible.