Friday, July 4, 2008

A Haiku On the Death of a Good Friend

Your time is no more
Thanks for all the scenery
300 miles done good

Never fear my friend
Out of my life you won’t be
Mowing lawns you will

Yes one of my pair of running shoes are being retired.
They have 300 running miles on them. After that they become yard work shoes or the teen boys take them and abuse them as only boys can do.


momto5minnies said...

What happens to the old lawn shoes? Hopefully they get retired too.

Everywhere I go in my house I run into flipflops. Does your wife run into sneakers like that?

KayleighJeanne said...

I would do that with my shoes too. Except some of the ones in better shape would get to remain running shoes that were only used if I hit too many puddles the day before.

So what do you do with flats and spikes that have had too many miles? I still have about three pairs that I can't bear to part with, I had too many good races in them.

Rob said...

eventually the shoes get thrown away.
i try and keep my running shoes in my closet, so they aren't all over the place. but there are kid shoes ALL over the place,

KLJ - I always have at least 3 pairs of shoes that I'm having to run in wet shoes is never an issue.

Hang on to the shoes that have special meaning