Friday, July 25, 2008

Today's Workouts

10.2 mile run at lunch time. On top of yesterday's long run this was just a joy. It took 8 miles for my legs to loosen up and stop hurting. The last 2 miles or so were some what enjoyable.

And I used up a big portion of my Gatorade squirting it at a dog that was chasing me. Stupid dog owner (he was in the front yard). I should have just let the dog chase me but he was running around in the middle of the road with lots of cars heading his way. Too bad the nitwit that owned him didn't chase him out into the road (kidding). I did notice that when I came back that way a little bit later the dog was inside. Maybe my calling the owner and irresponsible so and so. Dude owes me some Gatorade.

It was kinda like this but my shorts are much shorter and my legs are waaaaaaay tanner (dude get some sun - seriously) and better toned.

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