Monday, July 21, 2008

Today's Workouts

5.1 mile run with The Donk. Drove over to his office at lunch (where I used to work) and ran our old 5.1 mile hilly loop. He took it easy on me. My ankle is still a little sore and swollen but getting a little bit better each day.

Oh and The Donk still has chicken calves - at least the right one anyway.


his worshipfulness the donk said...


I could have sworn the right one was getting bigger...

thanks for coming out and running with me... it was like old times... only better because you left... ;)

donk said...

oh, and i would say that you are only jealous cuz you wish you had legs like mine...but... well, we know..

at least yours are worth shaving..

oh, and one more thing... there was a bke nashbar package waiting for me when i got back... oh happy day