Thursday, July 3, 2008

Today's Workouts

18.5 mile long run or 30 kilometers.


faithfamilyfarm said...

thank you for converting that for me :-)

Anonymous said...

just wanted u 2 know that your exercise posts have inspired me to get back into exercise (that and finally loading the get up kids into my shuffle). down 10 pounds already!

Rob said...

Anonymous - Cool! Keep up the great work

Catherine said...

30 kms! I ask for an expertise.
Occasionally, I watch on TV a marathon. The Sport journalist who's also a coach for long distance and middle-distance races, told that participants couldn't do it more than 3 times a year for their body.
30 kms are near 2/3 of a marathon, you're ok? How can you constantly run so much? You could participate to the Paris-Versailles race, you could even 2 it twice in the day!
Do you remember a young South African woman, who was running barefooted? Have you thought about it? : )
Have a great 4th of July. Our National Day is in, exactly, 10 days.

Rob said...

racing a marathon takes a lot out of your body. so racing one not more than 3 times a year makes sense.
But everyday running is at a much easier effort so it does not hurt the body as much.

the south african running was Zola Budd...I like my shoes too much ;)

Catherine said...

Thanks to remind me the name of Zola Budd. That way I have been able to watch THE fammous video of the race against Mary Decker.
After that, I watched some races with a runner doing the race between an other and who suddenly passes in first position at the last lap to win finally the race.
What technical races !
Have you seen and do you remember a special race, with a maroccan following all the race an ethiopian, or a kenyan (I can't remember), then the maroccan (probably El Guerrouj)passed, he won, and have been whistled on the podium?