Monday, July 14, 2008

Welcome to the Peoples Republic of Maryland

New car seat law makes even more parents criminals

Some Maryland children who thought they were free of car seats will have to climb back in beginning Monday, when a new state law takes effect.

The law requires that children use safety seats until they turn 8, weigh 65 pounds or reach 4-foot-9.

Safety advocates say the law strengthens Maryland's standards that require a safety seat or booster seat until children reach 40 pounds and age 6. The law allows older children to use either booster seats, which elevate children to allow seat belts to fit properly, or car seats that have a five-point safety harness. Younger children should use a car seat with a harness until age 4 and nearly 40 pounds, officials said

Once again the Nanny State is hard at work (using our stolen tax dollars) keeping us safe from ourselves. Telling people how they can live their lives and what they can do with their children. It’s so nice to have politicians watching over us and helping us. It worked wonders for the Indians.

I don’t think for a minute that the State Mooches, I mean lawmakers, have my kids interest in mind. It’s all about power and money. They can’t seem to help butting into every aspect of our lives. It’s some ingrain survival instinct for politicians. They have to justify taking a huge percentage of our money. If you are living off the hard work of others you need to pass these asinine laws to show that you are doing something for the people. It can be tax “rebates”, onerous business regulations (in the name of helping consumers), bailing out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (which the feds screwed-up in the first place) or this new car seat law to protect our precious children. You just have to show that you ‘care’.

And let’s not forget about the money that the State will make form this new ticket-able ‘offense’. 48 bucks a pop for a violation. But it’s not about the money; it’s about the kids…riiiight. More money into the government coffers to pay for the Bread and Circuses and Wars. Not to mention the salaries of these dedicated public servants.

This isn’t about whether or not 7 year-olds are safer in a booster seat, heck I don’t remember using even a seat belt growing up, it’s about MY right as a parent to decide what is best for MY children. I’m guessing they are probably safer and I’m sure my bride will have our poor 6 year-old strapped into one until he is 8.

And I don’t want to hear about parents who would be irresponsible and never use a car seat unless they were forced to. First of all there aren’t as many of those as the state would have us believe and second, I don’t care! It’s their lives and their kids. It’s none of my business.

It will only continue. More and more laws will keep coming that take away more and more of your personal freedoms. The State must feed itself.

This law is just hilarious coming from a state with some of the most liberal abortion laws in the nation.


the donk said...

wowza!!!! walt is fired up!!!

go get em shorty... ;)

Jacque said...

Here in Illinois we've had that law for 4 years, and here, it is $75 a pop. However, I work at a daycare center and the miriad of parents who pull into the parking lot with their infants on their laps {insert screams here} never seem to earn themselves one of them there tickets. Since our law went into effect on 1.1 and my daughter turned 8 on 1.11 well lets just say we forwent the law...really is that a word?

Mylhibug said...

I remember when the law changed in Illinois, and so does my (now 10)daughter, because even though she was bigger than her (now 13) older brother, she was required by "law" to have a booster seat.

You nailed it with the abortion line though. Kind of sad, when you think about it.

If you get a chance, check out The Ironic Catholic, he has a great picture of what a church has done with a 'mandatory' no smoking sign for the church. Funny and so true.

bride said...

"My bride will have the 6 year-old strapped into one until he is 8."
You bet I will and if you don't calm down I'm going to put you in timeout...I know you would love that...ok to the bathroom to clean.