Monday, July 28, 2008

Keep on Trying

Yesterday Joey (10) and Robert (8) did their first kids triathlon.

The race distances were:

50 meter swim

2 mile bike

.5 mile run

They both did a great job. Other than Josh who is in NH for the summer, the whole family was there plus The Donk and his family.

Joey came in 2nd in his age group and Robert came in 4th in his age group.

Joey on the ride home "Dad, now I know why you do these races".

Here are some shots from the day.

The two studs getting ready for the big challenge

Joey running from the pool to his bike

Robert out of the pool and heading to his trusty steed

Joey finishing up the bike

Robert done with his bike ride

Joey crossing the finish line

Dad putting Joey's finisher's medal on him

Robert wrapping up a hard days work

Tired but proud


the donk said...

man, i am so bitter that there was a mis-commo about the race start!!!! i missed everything!!!!


but i am glad they did so well and i am glad they enjoyed the experience....

oh, one more thing... bout time someone in that family placed tops in his age group!!! oooohhh... did i really just say that? oh yeah, I DID!!!! :)

June Cleaver said...

I came in last in Robert's age group.

momto5minnies said...

WOW! That is very cool! Congrats to them on a great job. I wonder if they do that sort of thing where I live ...hmmmmm.