Wednesday, July 9, 2008

You Mess with the Bull

You get the horns.

13 are injured in Pamplona's running of the bulls

PAMPLONA, Spain (AP) — Daredevils kicked off the running of the bulls Monday with a long, messy and particularly dangerous dash through the streets of Pamplona, with 13 people injured but none gored, officials said.

It was the first of eight scheduled runs. The most crowded ones will be next weekend, when the throngs of thrill-seekers will swell dramatically as people pour into Pamplona from out of town for two days of revelry and Adrenalin.
Since record-keeping began in 1924, 14 runners have died.

The last fatality from a goring was a 22-year-old American, Matthew Tassio, in 1995. In 2003, a 63-year-old Pamplona native, Fermin Etxeberri, was trampled in the head by a bull and died after spending several months in a coma.

On Sunday a young man died after falling 30 yards from an ancient wall that encircles the old quarter of Pamplona. Authorities identified him Monday as Aidan Holly, a 23-year-old from Ireland, and quoted friends as saying he had been drinking.

I know, shocking that alchol was involved in the poor lad's death.

I tend to pull for the bulls to get in a few good licks. They are going to end up in bull-fights and dead by the end of the festival so they might has well get in a poke or two.

But don't worry because Big Brother is wathcing out for it's servants, I meant citizens.

From the New Zealand Embassy's Website warning about the run.
"Running with the bulls is dangerous," the site said.

Masters of the obvious.

People are actually paid (with stolen tax dollars no less) to write this drivel.

So politicians in New Zealand are just as worthless as the ones in the US.
I'm sure the first thing every New Zealander visiting Spain does is to logon to their embassy's website and see what wisdom they have to dispense. Who knows they might have some other useful information like smoking is bad for or driving while plastered might cause accidents or messing with a PMSing woman could get you "Lorena Bobbitt'd".

is a bikini really proper attire for running with the bulls?

pay no attention to this, doctors orders


Catherine said...

We can't understand that's really Spannish (or South-West of France!), bloodthirsty Spannish.
The Olivier's Maths professor participates to one of these races in Spain! Olé! Maybe a cow will realize his and his classmates' expectation! Something like your last picture ; )

Mylhibug said...

When I lived in England, I went to Spain to visit a friend of mine. While there we took in a bull fight (an oxymoron, no doubt) and were cheering for the bulls. One conquistador(sp?) got it good, and me and my buddies all stood up and cheered.

The people around us didn't like us much after that.