Thursday, July 10, 2008

He's Home

He seems taller.

The little kids have been having fun with him.

His momma is being a momma.

He's got a second High School diploma (New Hampshire to go along with his Maryland one).

He's leaving in 2 weeks...for a long time.

But he's home for now.


the donk said...

a lot has happened since i went to the beach... where is josh going in 2 weeks?

Rachel said...

The pics are great. Your last line got me though. It made my heart just sink. You may be sardonic, Rob, but I admire your openess to his vocation. Andrew has his first 8 hour day at Trader Joe's and I miss him. He's going to be home at 4:30!!

I don't blame Sam for being a Mama. If it were me with Andrew leaving for a 'long time', I think I would be sleeping on the floor in his room at night. You guys are brave. Really!

Catherine said...

I think that if I thought that my children will be happy to realize their aim in their life, it would be the most important thing for me, better than the sadness to let him/her go away. I think I must let them go and "built" their own life. In a few years.
Nice pictures. Girls don't know swimming in your family? : )

I transmit you an award. Come and take it back. I don't want it to make your head spin, so, keep writing daily, no holidays for you!

Isn't France a beautiful country! Do you follow other races? Maybe, la Vuelta is an amazing way to visit Spain?

Rob said...

Catherine - I don't know why the girls weren't in the ocean.

You country is very beautiful.
Now that I get the TV channel that shows bike racing I will follow other races now

Anonymous said...

Sardonic Catholic Dad, I hope I don't seem as though I am prying, but I have to ask you how much research you have done into the Legion? As a former apostolic, (I made it 1.5 years into the novitiate) I can tell you the Legion will break your sons heart and possibly his spirits, I beg you to prayerfully consider whether or not your son is a Legionary because he wants to be or because he has been guilted into it through Legionary propaganda. The Legion has no set apostlate, officially as every other order in the church does, their main goal is recruiting and fund raising, both things they do for the Legion not holy mother Church. Sir, please research the Legion thoroughly before you allow your son to throw away years of his life and poison his heart both against the church and the Legion, my thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.
James Bremner